Football & Fairy Wings

Silvia-fairy wings.jpg

Please welcome Lady S to our Muyu Market family. She is only 6 1/2 years old hailing from NYC. Her company name is called Football & Fairy Wings. She will be selling home made sensory bottles, which not only has glitter but includes glow-in-the-dark and storytelling elements. She enjoys choosing designs, colors, names, etc. for each style of Sensory Bottle. She is thankful that she was introduced to entrepreneurship by a pop up event at a NYC business, Brass Owl.

Sensational Bath Bombs and Soaps

Please welcome our newest Muyu-preneur member, James.  James is 7 years old and lives in Forest Hills, NY.  James will be selling his signature bath bombs that are soothing and made with natural ingredients including organic shea and wild orchid extract. Although this is his first time at Muyu Market he is an experienced entrepreneur.  He has sold over 100 bath bombs to local moms! He is excited to be a part of Muyu market and to be working with other children and their great creations.

James Dress Official Blog.jpg

Slime Kits and Assorted Products

Meet our newest Muyu-preneur member Emily! She is only nine years old and from Long Island City, Queens. Emily loves DIY projects, arts and crafts. If she could live in the store Michaels, she would. Emily has sold many handmade items to family and friends, like personalized bookmarks and small notebooks. She is very excited to be apart of a bigger event such as Muyu Market. All her items have her unique personal touch and is very proud of the items she makes. Emily is a natural entrepreneur. 


Penguins & Emojis

Meet Oben & Louisa, siblings who really enjoy making and selling their unique creations.   

Oben is selling Penguin Pins and Penguin lego sets.  All are handmade and one of kind.   Oben’s favorite animals are penguins and he knows you will love them too.

Louisa is selling hand made emoji jewelry.  Louisa loves to craft and make things.  Louisa is also a proud Girl Scout and has honed her selling skills through cookie sales

Oben and Louisa’s products cost between $4-$10.  They will donate half of their sales profits to the Hurricane Harvey Relief and .  This is the third time they will join Muyu Market.  Please be sure to shop at their table on Friday September 15, @ the Project Life Center.

Ersenkal siblings.JPG