Bird Seed Bunches by Birdhouse Productions

Ten year old Jessica is the Owner and founder of Birdhouse Productions.  She's excited  sell her stress balls called Bird Seed Bunches.  After doing research she found that the use of stress balls can strengthen hand, wrist and fingers muscles.  Kids like to squeeze her Bird Seed Bunches (BSB’s) to help them focus.  

Aleluya Valentine Boxes

Ale is a nine year old avid baker who thinks all kids should enjoy baking.  She has taken out the complexities of home baking by putting all the items you need (minus butter, milk, and water)  in one perfect box.  She also includes her favorite recipe and her precise instructions.  Make some heart shaped sugar cookies for your Valentine or with your Valentine!

Ale is an experienced entrepreneur and has sold her baked goods at school bake sales and her bake kits at prior kid markets.   She developed her brand- Aleluya with the help of her 11 year old brother.  She and her brother also produced this ad.   

Aleluya baking kits are priced at $11 each or 2 for $20


Light up Valentine's Day Gifts

Ava, age 5.5, is originally from California and is a budding entrepreneur excited to test out her light-up products at the Muyu Market. She was inspired by the circuit light-up class at the innovation lab at the Children's Museum in San Diego and will be selling products that incorporate light. Some of her products include magical light-up wands, light-up valentines, and drawing in the dark kits. 

Her products are priced between $1-$5